HARUM SCARUM: Suppose We Try: LP

Jan 29, 2009

I read about this band in MRR awhile ago. That piqued my interest but I never got around to getting anything by them. I did see this release and said to myself, I have to finally check them out. I’m not sure how much they have put out in the past, but I need to get more! An insert announced that singer Erin no longer sings for them anymore. I’m more curious now that they seem to be perfect as they are. The music is strong and the lyrics are thought provoking. Socio-political are their leaning in regards to lyrical content. Musically, they are tight and mid-tempo in style that is reminiscent of the early '80s UK anarchist bands like Conflict meets Flux of Pink Indians meets Icons of Filth. The music is well written and has no hints of staleness. Power is produced by musicianship and not with overblown production. The female-led vocals are strong but also add a quality of fidelity that makes understanding the lyrics easier. Fantastic first taste for me from a band that I should have been listening to earlier on.

 –don (Hex)

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