Aug 25, 2006

From a graphic design/art standpoint, the record’s sweet. It’s worth the ten bucks for wall decoration. One side is blank and it has a two-color screen. The other side has yet another two-color design screened under the clear wax. It’s stunning and shows, yet again, that vinyl has possibilities that have yet to be fully explored. The band, well, they’re fair to sucky. The first two songs sorta sound like JFA, just not nearly as good. The last track, “Front Side Grind,” attempts to go the Saccharine Trust, Flipper art-damaged route, and I guess they succeed in making something that’s truly hard to listen to, but instead of being challenging, I just found it irritating. It’s the audio equivalent to walking in on your uncle masturbating and you’re forced to watch for five minutes until he’s done. So—back to the beginning of the review—I’ve just decided that I’m going to get some fishing line and hang the record up like a mobile. It’s not coming close to the player ever again.

 –todd (Snack Attack)