HARRINGTON SAINTS: Bettin’ on a Longshot (The Singles Collection): LP

May 20, 2014

A roundup of the Bay Area oi band’s singles from the past few years. Even though all the original singles are all still readily available, this collection is a nice, concise way to pick up the Saints’ back catalog in one easy, cheap, and convenient record. As for the content, this should be the third Harrington Saints LP you grab. Their debut album, Dead Broke in the U.S.A., is excellent and their best, with the follow-up album a close second. The early singles here are decent but, in retrospect, you can tell the band was working up to something better. The later singles are solid, but still not quite as good as the albums. While another cover of Blitz’s “Razors in the Night” is unnecessary, the cover of Angelic Upstarts’ “I Won’t Pay for Liberty” (aka “I Think It Should Be Free”) is a welcome surprise and exclusive to this collection. It’s an absolute classic Upstarts song but buried on a mid-’80s, hit-or-miss album and seldom heard; hopefully this excellent take on it leads some more people to its discovery. 

 –Chad Williams (Step-1, step1music.com / Longshot, longshotmusic.com / Pirates Press, piratespressrecords.com))