HARPOON GUNS: Wage War on the Whale Eaters: Cassette tape demo

Nov 08, 2006

If a quartet of sub-20s are to be believed, these fired-up youngsters recorded this five song (3:38 minute) demo one month after formation and (I do not shit you here:) it sounds like the Teen Idles (not Idols) doing Battalion of Saints (not Pants)! The sounds sound like shit, but my ears—if not yours—learned long ago to cope with punk demo production values. The lyrics are kind of dumb, and I was a little disappointed to find out the song I thought went “Speed disease, let’s go!” really goes “Speed disease, it kills!”, but man they got some fierce punk going on, and apparently their friend’s label is issuing a ten-song 7", so I’m all spittled up and ready for more. And, hey! I like Coke (not coke) too!

 –doug ([email protected])

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