Jan 19, 2016

“I’m seein’ shootin’ stars inside of titty bars” is a damn great line, and that’s the kind of mondo trasho eloquence that Harmonica Lewinski excretes in their Naked Brunch 7”. Circusy keys traipse on fuzzy bass and surf on beachy Dick Dale guitar, while Tarzan pounds away at the skins. It’s like the garage punk aesthetic of The Cramps got lost in the jungle with the salacious creep-factor of Fat White Family. Someone please give John Waters a call: these freaks should score all of his future films. Two thumbs way up. Author’s note: best listened to while cloaked in leopard print and as stoned as Cheech.

 –Simone Carter (Reel Time, [email protected], reeltimerecordss.bigcartel.com)

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