Jul 06, 2010

“Songs mostly written while courting an adventurous woman. France, Spain, Madagascar, New York, Memphis, Netherlands. The courtship was a success.” As an ‘80s punk rock kid, I pretty much disdained folk, emo, whiny CTV country, emo-folk, and new country. That was until I first heard Hank Williams and Leonard Cohen. They made me realize you can be a singer-songwriter and not be a complete douchebag in boots. The usual labels of country and folk didn’t really apply. Americana is the closest word that makes sense. They didn’t write and sing in order to get chicks, they wrote songs to try to understand people, themselves included. They never put on a fake look to fit into what was popular. Sometimes it’s poetic, other times pissed off. Sometimes it’s just funny. Harlan T. Bobo embodies the same vibe. He could be singing in Memphis, or at a New York bar, in a Paris café, or on a street corner in Nogales, and always sound at home, pure and from the heart.

 –mike (Goner)