HARD RESISTANCE: Lawless & Disorder: CD

Jul 29, 2013

I’m hearing a lot of DRI, Discharge, and Ministry all kind of blended together with growling hardcore vocals in the Sick Of It All/NHYC style. I had to laugh when read the dude from Biohazard was a guest on a song, but it’s a good example of how committed they are to the style. (Snicker.) Did you know the lead singer of Biohazard has the title of one of his albums tattooed on him and its spelled wrong? Hah! Hah! BIOHAZARD! FIVE BLOCKS TO DA SUUUUUBWAY! I WALK ‘EM EVERYDAY! Sorry, Biohazard just gets me goin’. ANYWAY...for better or worse, Hard Resistance has that Headbanger’s Ball-ready Victory Records-style production, but they sound way more legitimate than of those “core” bands on Youtube these days. They appear to be some older pissed-off dudes from Europe (doesn’t say where they’re from, but clues point to Belgium), not overly tattooed, spock hairs from the suburbs. Most of the lyrics are railing against the government, Christianity, and oppression. It’s pretty good, but I doubt I’ll feel the urge to come back to it.

 –Craven Rock (Strength, [email protected])