HARD LEFT: What’s That Sound: 7”

The term Hard Left described a radical branch of the British Labor Party in the ‘80s, which was strongly influenced by Marxism that pushed towards complete revolt, as opposed to the Soft Left which had a less rigid socialist position and was prepared to compromise. Compromise is for the faint of heart, I suppose. So Hard Left, What’s That Sound, you know, literally? They are self-described as “Hard Mod.” Kind of love that term. Brit mix of Sex Pistols, Clash, and indie pop influence Boyracer. No coincidence, for sure. Members include Stewart Anderson of Boyracer himself, along with members of #1 Smash Hits and Manatee. And the clincher, it’s a clear lathe cut! Hard Mod punk with a political message? No resisting here. Get it. 

 –Camylle Reynolds (Emotional Response / Slumberland/ Future Perfect)