HARD LEFT: We Are Hard Left: 12”LP

May 06, 2015

Hard Left’s debut LP has the same self-described “utopian oi” sound as previous EP releases, with their signature street punk/hard mod sound with the pop sensibilities of The Jam. Songs with sweet melodic hooks, like “Hard Left Rules Ok,” “Stay True,” and “Holiday” are standouts. It’s got the gruff Johnny Rotten style vocals that you’d expect with street punk, but the melodic, upbeat guitar sets the tone, with bass that runs, skips, and bounces along with’60s pop drumming. Hard Left has strong political proletarian theme—but its void of the darkness which usually comes along with a strong leftist message—and the lyrics are delivered with extreme optimism. It should be noted that members of Black Tambourine, Lunch Box, and Boyracer make up Hard Left, which may in itself pique some interest if you are familiar with those indie pop bands. 

 –Camylle Reynolds (Future Perfect)