HARD LEFT: Skinheads Home for Christmas: 7”

Something to spike your holiday punch with. I pretty much hate most Christmas songs. This is usually because they’re either too sentimental, feel forced, or are just plain terrible. This is probably because I don’t really like Christmas. Bah fucking humbug. But “Skinheads Home for Christmas” is—dare I say it—fun. It’s got a super catchy guitar hook and charming mix of grizzled Johnny Rotten style vocals with a chorus of sweet, screamy female gang vocals. Flip to B-side for a rockin’ Bay City Rollers cover of “Yesterday’s Hero.” Hard Left is self-described as “Hard Mod,” a mix of street punk, mod rock, and pop. Members of Manatee, Lunchbox, and Boyracer make up Hard Left, but don’t let that fool you; this is straight punk. This will be a post Xmas review, but this can definitely be in rotation for your eggnog-chugging party next December. 

 –Camylle Reynolds (Future Perfect, futureperfectrecords.com)