HARAMARAH: We Are All Broken: EP

If this band had existed fifteen years ago they would have had a couple records on 625 and probably a West Coast tour under their belts. They play no-frills hardcore punk that sounds influenced by the golden era of 625 Records and early 7 Seconds. The playing is sort of sloppy and the timing is off here and there, but these guys are more about conveying urgency than proficiency. The songs on the first side don’t have much punch to them. It’s when you flip over to the second side that they slightly improve. The songs have a bit more energy, especially “Klise” and “We Got That Spirit.” If they had more songs like those, then I would feel okay saying to get this. However, though it isn’t terrible, this record is really more like a demo and shows room for improvement. 

 –M.Avrg (Kibou, kibourecords.bigcartel.com)