Straight-forward, no-frills hardcore punk out of Norway. The songs are a perfect mix of mid and fast tempos with interesting time changes to keep you attentive and along for the ride. The opener, “The House That Builds Itself,” is a cranker that sets the pace for the rest of the record. The speed is high and the riffs are catchier than hell. I really like the title track, with its catchy and simple riff—a build up in the middle that gives way to a more aggressive and speedier ending. The lumbering instrumental, “Drug Tunnel Collapse,” that follows, really stands out. This song, with its slow tempo, has a dark atmosphere that takes over the room, holding your attention until the end (plus that short bit of piano that comes in at the very end—perfect!), as it gives way to the ender “N.D.O.,” that opens with a cool bass-driven groove before cranking the speed up. Fast and catchy! What more could you want? Features members from Fairfuck.

 –M.Avrg (Fysisk Format, fysiskformat.no)