HARA-KEE-REES, THE: Can’t Stop Thinking About You b/w I’m Walking Babes: 7"

Jul 23, 2007

A quick glance at the cover—five Dutch dudes sporting sullen looks, black button-ups, and nooses—and you might think that something mighty unconventional was afoot, ala the Monks. Not quite. Most of the A-side is good, though unremarkable, post-”Psychotic Reaction” garage rock. Until they hit the break. Then the organ drops out, the guitar feeds back, the rhythm section keeps chugging along, and the singer goes through the chorus. That’s when I picked up on the line “I can’t stop dreaming about you”—that’s a predicament of a whole different order. Can’t stop thinking about that special someone? Think about baseball or Weekend at Bernies or how to improve your stir fry skills; redirect your mind, bub, you can control your thoughts. But when that certain someone infects your subconscious that’s beyond your grasp. That merits serious empathy and it’s the twist this tune needed to rise above. “I’m Walking Babe” reaches those heights much sooner by simply having the guitarist play on the one and three beats; a little offbeat dissonance is good for what ails you. Mike Faloon

 –guest (Kuriosa)