Sep 21, 2007

I have to admit that I have had this for sometime in my personal collection. But it has gotten buried in the huge stack of need to listen to records on the floor. Being a record nerd can be counterproductive in your need to listen to new music when you really don’t have a lot of time to just listen to music. Getting a review copy kicked me in the nads to finally hear this. Happy Bastards: This is my first time listening to this band. I didn’t purchase the full length that was put out by Profane Existence. If this is a sample of what might be on the full length, I need to get off my ass and buy it. It’s fierce and fast punk with female vocals that kind of made me think of what a band like Signal Lost would sound like if they played fast. The vocals are audible and not overly screamed. The production has a very live feel and sounds bright. I get feelings of early ‘79 California punk mixed with some of the hardcore of ‘83. Kismet HC: A band that has been around for sometime now, hailing from the U.K. They really leave an impression on their side of the split. It’s full blast and teetering on mass collision punk that feels blistering. It made me feel like I was having irregular heartbeats. Something about the music made me feel manic. Female vocals that made me feel I had to stand at attention and just listen. Guitar, bass, and drums that blur into multiple blasts of anger that make me feel pummeled. They twist things around by slowing things down a couple parts to let you catch your breath before they take you on another ride for your life. A perfect introduction to two bands that match up well and yet sound uniquely different from one another.

 –don (Fight for Your Mind)

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