HAPPENING, THE: Shit Happens: CD

Oct 16, 2008

An ultra-tight halfway mix between The Eyeliners and Discount by a power trio fronted by two Japanese ladies who are concerned with world and personal politics. I have a feeling they can play their instruments behind their backs, or upside down, or in the shower, yet there’s enough playfulness and art-kept-in-check pretensions that’s very appealing. When they slow it down, the songs actually breathe in and out and have nice flourishes, instead of repeating in a lock step. Shit Happens’ got a very clean pop rock’n’roll feel that at first didn’t get me, but on the headphones, there’s no dead spots, so it’s much better than first blush. I always enjoy the translations (it’s sung in accented English): “The punch lines goes disarm or we’ll break you arm/ We’ve got what it takes to wipe a whole country.” Although not earth shattering, a welcome listen. This would fit right in on Crackle Records out of England, if that helps.

 –todd (The Happening)