Jan 13, 2009

Both hockey and punk rock have been a part of my life since I was a kid. It only seems natural that the Hanson Brothers would be one of my favorite bands. If you’re not in the know, Hanson Brothers are the alter ego of Canuck punk legends Nomeansno. They’re a mutant blend of the Ramones and the foiled-up goons from the movie Slapshot. This is Hanson’s first live record and continues with their tradition of spoofing classic album covers by doing Ramones’ It’s Alive this time around. The sound quality is amazing and really captures the insanity of a Hanson’s show. All the classics from the band’s first three records are here and, as a bonus, there is some hilarious radio clips from an interview with guitarist Tommy Hanson. The flip side of the disc is a DVD of the band’s long out-of-print video All Grain Brewing with Johnny Hanson with features detailed instruction on brewing your own beer, as well as plenty of clips of the band playing “HEY YOU—LET’S BREW!”

 –ty (Wrong)