Hanoi Rocks: The Nottingham Tapes: DVD

Aug 21, 2008

For those not in the know, Hanoi Rocks were one of the more important “bridge” bands between the initial wave of 1970s glam bands and the less interesting/thoroughly despicable pseudo-glam bands of the 1980s—drawing influence from the same Chuck Berry-tinged well as the New York Dolls, one can hear faint echoes of their sound (and oodles of echoes in their fashion sense) in bands like Poison, Faster Pussycat, Guns ’n’ Roses, and even Mötley Crüe (whose lead singer, Vince Neil, was driving the car that crashed and killed his passenger, Hanoi’s drummer Razzle, back in 1985, if memory serves). Recorded April 23, 1984, this hour-long set captures Hanoi Rocks during a more spirited performance, with much jumping around and some tight playing. While the sound isn’t quite board-quality clear, it’s still pretty good and clear enough, and the multiple-camera video is not too worse for wear, considering we’re talking about something committed to tape nearly two and a half decades ago. Ultimately, how crucial this is to the collection depends on one’s feelings about the band, but on the whole it wasn’t too bad a view. –Jimmy Alvarado (www.cherryred.co.uk)