Sep 30, 2008

Young Fit Males: Oh, Sweden, land of fancy packaging and a currency that is whipping the American dollar into peso-like proportions. As America’s empire quickly returns to the dust of broken promises on the fault lines of colonialism-style hubris, Sweden’s been busy backing their cultural arts and thus come the dividends. There’s some connection between Young Fit Males, Fy Fan, and Svartenbrandt, but I’m not sure what it is. What I do know is that these folks play spot-on melodic hardcore. Not the assy stuff; muscular music that could be reinterpreted as either folk or power pop in other hands; just nice, meaty charges-ahead with Wipers-like guitar. Hanna Hirsch: If the band goes on the life cycle of The Vicious, right when I get my level of enthusiasm to reach “apeshit,” they’ll probably break up…. Dunno if they have, but their two songs commandeer the bouncy ball goodness of Knugen Faller: one foot in good 1977, one cable plugged into the not-too-distant future; connecting the icy space of early Wire to the on-the-spotness of Gorilla Angreb through the switchboard of “man, this is good. I’m sure it’s going to be a sonofabitch to find.” 

 –todd (Self-released)

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