Nov 20, 2012

Almost two years in and HLB crack out yet another collection of tunes to keep its L.A. fanbase and beyond raisin’ fists and singin’ along, beginning with the two opening tracks, “We Made This Mess” and “Beers and Cards” (which is definitely the better of the two). Think Fat Wreck Chords pogo/skate fucker-uppery, but with balls. “Go Away” is the standout tune here, and for some unexplained reason, I can totally hear The Crowd re-recording a version of this—no, that’s not a slag, that’s a total compliment. The hit-the-gas stomper, “Satellite Phone Calls” calls to mind the leaner, meaner Social Distortion circa 1983-’84 live onstage, not to be confused with the band of the same name Mike Ness leads these days. Let’s be crystal fuckin’ clear here that HLB isn’t at all derivative of the two above mentioned bands or label, I’m merely stating some parallels that I happen to hear when checking out this EP. And speaking of checking ‘em out, this band delivers it and then some onstage, so don’t fuck up and skip the chance to catch ‘em next time.

 –dale (Modern Pop, facebook.com/modernpoprecords)

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