Sep 11, 2012

This is the shittiest looking demo I’ve ever seen. They’re not even trying and it doesn’t deserve a review. A song on here called “Smart Girls” is about how low IQs make the singer’s “dick get soft.” He goes on (to quote the lyric sheet), “I don’t give a shit about those boobs that you flaunt, over achievers (sic) are the ones that I want.” So, for a second, you think maybe he doesn’t like smart girls anymore because he says “over achievers.” You think he’s over... achievers, but then you realize that he just spelled overachievers wrong. So, later, when he sings “I only fuck smart girls,” in the chorus, it makes me wonder how the hell he’s doing it. Maybe every girl is a smart girl in comparison to him. Whatever, this CD-R didn’t play.

 –Craven (No address)

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