HAND GRENADE JOB: Self-titled: Cassette

Jan 11, 2013

Two-piece band making quiet songs salted with xylophone, bells, and other random instrumentation and percussion. Hand Grenade Job is tilling some reasonably adventurous post-punk ground here. I’d say about half of the songs personally come across as more of an exercise in patience, but when they’re on—as in the deceptively simple “It Gets Old,” a song made up entirely of bells and vocals—it’s surprisingly effective. The band reminds me somewhat of Bratmobile, at least in the vocal department, and should be applauded for their willingness to take risks. Definitely not for everyone, but something like this wouldn’t be out of place in the Dischord, Kill Rock Stars, or Simple Machines back catalogs.

 –keith (Hand Grenade Job)

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