HAMMERLOCK: Forgotten Range: CD

May 10, 2007

I will be goddamned if Hammerlock don’t manage to win me over every time. I am sick to death of macho, shock value punk and rock but something about this band just seems to click. This is some more great country-influenced Southern rock with a punk edge to it. They write great songs and it is nice to hear Liza singing a little more here. Hope to see some more of that. My only complaint is that this is nineteen songs, which is just too much. I would rather hear ten tunes that I can play over and over again and then get another ten on the next record. I don’t have the stamina for a record this long, no matter who writes it. I will also admit I get a little tired of the complaints of how they hate PC liberals and yet continue to live in San Francisco. Seems like there are a lot of cheaper places to live where folks might be more up their alley. I guess it is a constant inspiration for lyrics and songs, though. Some real strong tunes on here and with Simon Stokes as a songwriting and vocal helper, you know this is top notch. I think that is what really locks this in for me; I am a huge Simon Stokes fan and I feel like Hammerlock are definitely taking the torch from him and running with it. That’s the thing; Hammerlock takes the time to write actual songs and not just bash you over the head with how badass they are or how “shocking” they are. I would love to hear Travis and Liza do up an album of country duets. That would be something to hear. Another pleasant surprise here.

 –frame (Steel Cage)