HAMMERLOCK: Barefoot & Pregnant: CD

Sep 30, 2008

This enhanced re-release of the now classic 2000 album by San Francisco Confederacy of Scum band Hammerlock includes three bonus tracks and a hilarious music video. The Bay Area may seem like an unlikely place for this un-PC, country punk band to emerge from, but Hammerlock has stood the test of time and this album is even better than I’d remembered. Barefoot & Pregnant brings back memories of when C.O.S. bands like Hellstomper, Cocknoose, and Limecell were churning out release after release in rapid-fire succession. Of all of the C.O.S. bands, none embraced hick humor more than Hammerlock. You can almost smell mud and manure from the CD player as this motherfucker spins.

 –Art Ettinger (Steel Cage)