HAMBURGER HELP ME: Awesome Garys E.P.: 7”

Jul 06, 2010

Twin Cities slop hardcore featuring members of the Fuck Yeahs, Chooglin’, and Sweet J.A.P. When it comes to song titling, these guys are fucking top notch with songs like “Heavy Metal Unicorn,” “Sex Jacket,” “Dog with Ham,” “Boner,” and “Sausage Horse.” As far as writing punk rock that I want to listen to repeatedly while lounging at home, not so much. This largely stems from the fact that there are twenty-two songs on this ten minute long 7”, which leaves most it sounding like random thrash snippets. However, it does speak even more highly of their song titling excellence because they have to come up with a fuckton of titles. They “sell out” on a couple songs that are over thirty seconds and have some pop hooks like “Female Fonzie,” which I like a lot. The day I first listened to the record, I saw Hamburger Help Me at a bar in Minneapolis and, to be fair, I appreciated what they were going for much more in a live setting than this E.P.

 –Jake Shut (Fart)