Jul 24, 2008

There was something instantly familiar about this album, but not in a been-there-done-that way. More on the comforting side, like a blanket a friend knit you. It could be because the music is the sweet blend of folk punk and indie rock that reminds me why I always like Plan-It-X releases. As is my wont, I liked the poppy, sentimental tracks the best. “Exposure, Processing, and Recording” won me over with its catchy verses and cleaning-out-my-old-bedroom storyline. “Infamous Apology” also struck a we’re-screwing-everything-up-for-future-generations chord with me. I generally like to avoid the “this band sounds like that band” style of reviewing, but I spent my whole first listen of this album trying to figure out who they reminded me of. Finally it hit me. The Weakerthans. Which is another possible reason for the home-made blanket familiarity of this album. That said, this band stands on its own. Consider my heartstrings tugged.

 –jennifer (Plan-It-X)