Fans of the Haddonfields usually know what to expect with each new album—a healthy mix of songs about love, drinking, and monsters. It’s like pop punk with a dark side. While That’s My Bike is no different as far as subject matter, it’s safe to say there are still plenty of surprises to be found on their latest full length release. There are some insanely epic guitar solos (thanks to special guest Party Nate of Cape Girardeau’s Guy Morgan & The FT Crew and a definite maturation of the band’s tightness as a group. Additionally, their song writing has really grown lyrically. Whether it’s a soul-bearing love song with a serious side or a short, fun ditty about the end of human civilization, the composition and storytelling is better than ever. Not every song is a homerun but, overall, it’s my favorite Haddonfields release to date. If I had to pick the three strong points, I’d say be sure to check out “Last Goodbye,” that love song with a serious side I mentioned earlier; the warning to all humanity about the dangers of technology that is “Robots,” and “Dumber Every Day” which reassures us that “the zombies are all gone because there’s no more brains left.” You won’t be sorry, I promise. 

 –Nicole Madden (Throwing Things, throwingthingsstl.com / Rad Girlfriend, radgirlfriendrecords.com)