H2O: Go: CD

Sep 09, 2009

Sometimes I don’t care if a band goes on a major as long as they don’t put out a shitty record. I put this as a shitty record. They were on Epitaph, for god’s sake. They were doing pretty damn good for themselves. I would figure they would have learned a lesson from Sick of it All on their experience on being on a major. This record has a sugar coating that tastes sour to this reviewer’s mouth. I don’t know if there is a Blink 182 formula of sound added, but surely is a disappointment. Maybe it’s something in the mastering, but the guitars sound like crap and they lost all the edge that they used to have. The only reason I’m keeping this is because my wife bought it and for their hidden track of their cover of Madonna’s “Like a Prayer.” I hope they can survive this record.

 –don (MCA)