GYPSY: Self-titled: 4-song CDEP

Jul 06, 2010

Is there a computer chip installed in my back—like those that keep track of pets—but for a total predisposition for catchy, underdog DIY punk? What the fuck? Gypsy’s a beautiful, unshowered, beat-up mess of a band. Vagabond Ryan Maddox, drummer of the Hidden Spots (also of Queerwulf and True Stereo) found himself in Las Cruces for a month. Instead of getting a honky bullshit job, he settled in with the natives, skated ditches, smoked a lot, and—I’m sure with little prompting—got Chris Mason (Shang-a-Lang) and Joe Ayoub (Marked Men) along for the ride to record at The Trainyard, an all-ages spot. Low-fi, linty, mismatched sock-y, disheveled life of questionable decisions DIY punk that totally hits the mark it was going for. This is the opposite of whatever’s being played over the in-house speakers at Guitar Center right this second.

 –todd (Dirt Cult)