GUYSTORM, THE: Self-titled: 7”

Mar 31, 2009

The Guystorm will get political on you, winking and drinking. This is a dancey, chunky bass-y, not entirely unserious, guitar dueling-y, and solid debut record. The recording itself is all self-released pop and squeal, all punk tinniness and crackle. That’s a good thing. If this were the new—so, right here, I tried to think of a band that would sound better with glossed production and couldn’t. So there’s that bias. Anyways, considering these guys have been together a little over a year, and that this is their first record (and it’s actually good), they seem likely to earn their place in the completely imagined “New Golden Age” of Minneapolis. Oh, also: raucous punk anthems. YES.

 –Andrew Flanagan (Self-released)