Sep 21, 2009

Am I seeing a trend or are we experiencing a convergence? I'd be remiss to not mention that they're in the same razor-in-the-ice cream powerviolence treat/threat as The Locust. Blur rhythms. Shoutin' and hollerin' fuse into the occasional sound scapes and bubbling brooks. Imagine Spazz occasionally pissing into Hawkwind's mouths. This is the resultant gleek into Born Against's urine sample with a definite '00 slant to the nth degree. Or just imagine your ears getting rubbed into the asphalt. Not to sell them short, these mo'fucks is witty in their own right. Start with their song titles: "Home Fucking Is Killing Prostitution" and "Tears on the Backpack." Hell yeah. The song, "Skate the State" claims it "does not discriminate against inline skates." They've got their own philosophy - Smashism - mapped out in detail. They've got their own catchy slogan: "Songs to Disturb the Comfortable, Songs to Comfort the Disturbed." Every nook and cranny of the their CD booklet is jampacked with quotes - from William Blake to Antonin Artaud and fact checkin' Foucault's (who had the idea that all prisons should be made with transparent material), and all of this culminates in an idea on how to make punk rock take over electronic music as the youth rebellion of choice. Nude dance pits, then nude fuck pits. It's that type of forward thinking we need. Sweet, noisy, and smart.

 –todd (Prank)