GUTTERS, THE: “Should We Make a Seven Inch”: 7”

Sep 19, 2013

It’s 1978. Two trains leave separate stations at the same time traveling the same speed. One is coming from Hersham, traveling towards Bolton carrying the members of Sham 69; the other train is traveling the opposite route, carrying the gentlemen of The Buzzcocks. In one of the less reported mysteries of the railway era, the two trains collided in front of multiple witnesses just outside of Birmingham, only to reappear seemingly unscathed one hundred meters apart from each other down the track. One thing that is rarely discussed is what happened to the members of the two bands. While they were only gone from 1978 England for what felt like the blink of an eye, they were actually cosmically merged and transferred through space and time to 2012 Portland, Oregon where they became known as The Gutters. Retaining their penchant for pop hooks submerged in mischievous, bratty, punk rock, and, of course, their British accents, but expounding upon more current subjects such as trips to the 7-Eleven and denizens of the laptop state The Gutters brought a slice of honest working class England to a place rife with the petite charms of the bourgeoisie. Never a bad thing.

 –Noah W.K. (Tadpole, [email protected],