GUTBUCKET: Sludge Test: CD

You know that term post-punk that has been often misused as of late? Well, it actually does apply to Gutbucket. Take the absolute strangest moments of Tuxedomoon and other similar artists from the 1979-1981 period, mix it up, and you have at least some of the elements evident on Sludge Test. As with bands from this era, Gutbucket recorded its latest effort on analog with help from San Francisco-based musicians/sound engineers Jay and Ian Pellicci (Deerhoof, Erase Errata, Gravy Train!!!!). Similar to Tuxedomoon, in particular, Gutbucket has strong jazz leanings (all four members are jazz trained) and definite art school appeal. However, Gutbucket veers from the post-punk style in its completely anti-pop nature. There are no songs in the traditional sense on Sludge Test, nothing to hum alongside in the car. It is an album that requires careful listening with vocals that barely appear as vocals and drumbeats that stray from the 4/4 standard.

 –liz (Cantaloupe)