GUNPOWDER: Circle A Ranch: CD

Feb 27, 2007

This self-released album is not, as their website claims, "a musical juggernaut of apocalyptic proportions bringing musical ecstasy, chaos, and joy..." I only feel crippling nausea as I recoil in horror. It is neither counterpart of "Dick Dale meets Nick Cave." They even wrote an unfunny comedic ditty about receiving a parking ticket in Los Angeles. They queerily whine, "Well, I'm from Oakland and they wouldn't do that there." Ppfffttt. Girl talk. Don't take your guns to town, boys, don't take your guns to town. In fact, lay them down forever and rejoin your hippie friends—keep erroneously thinking, "It's Americans with guns who shoot people dead."

 â€“thiringer (Gunpowder,