Jul 27, 2009

Wow! I had never heard Fifth Hour Hero before, and it's so damn good! The girl vocals sound a little like Allison from Discount (a compliment!), the riffs are catchy, and the lyrics are just what we punks need to not kill ourselves in the middle of Dubya’s term: “What’s that quivering?/ One day it will come, strongly overcome/Working in shadow, making vibrations.” And then, “We’re everything. We’re giving sense to that masquerade. We’re the children, the women, and the poor. We’re the people of this earth.” Of course, Fifth Hour Hero is from Canada, so maybe they have reason to be a little more optimistic. Or not. Great stuff, though. Gunmoll does the whole Hot Water Music, melodic punk thing, and does it well. Gruff vocals, introspective lyrics, a touch of Jawbreaker, you know the deal. Also really good; but I kept going back to Fifth Hour Hero. If this split were a cereal, it’d be French Toast Crunch. An unexpected treat!

 –maddy (No Idea)

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