Aug 26, 2009

Gunmoll have always been a notch from complete adoration from me. Full-on, gutted vocals, instrumentation that would make sense in almost any Leatherface song, and plenty of punch. “Fantasy”’s a pretty rockin’ song. But in “In My Place,” there isn’t that extra “holy shit” element that splinters them off from bands they’re similar to, like Hot Water Music, and, to a lesser degree, Radon. Said in another way, they’re second tier. Annalise are okay. UK pop punk that crib notes from early Jam and have more than a passing blush to the Connie Dungs, but the end result is more pedestrian and a lot more bland. The vinyl’s thick as a poker chip, has cool orange bloops in clear vinyl, and the packaging is immaculate.

 –todd (Boss Tuneage)