GUNMOLL: Anger Management in Four Chords or Less: CD

Aug 13, 2009

This gritty Gainsville three-piece debut with a clear and forceful album that already feels well worn and comfortable without sounding tired or contrived. It’s melodic without being able to see the easy hooks; tuneful without resorting to over-sweetness, poetic without being whiny sweater champs. They have the sense to let their songs breathe and beat and expand without boring the listener. I’ve got the feeling they’ve listened to a bunch of Husker Du (circa New Day Rising or Zen Arcade) – it’s not like they’re sitting their asses the carbon copier of that band, but they’ve got the inherent feel of what makes a song both satisfyingly punk and well written without getting lame or shitty or too arty about it. Down home without being hayseed, if that makes any sense. Entirely listenable, very infectious. Sounds honest as all hell. Very recommended. My only complaint is there’s no lyrics sheet. I like those.

 –todd (No Idea)

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