GUITAR GANGSTERS: Razor Cuts—The Best of (So Far): CD

Jul 24, 2008

If you have any affection for the post-Slade poppy punk of bands like Cocksparrer, the post-Pistols explorations of the Professionals, or the mid-career high points of the Ramones and you haven’t heard these guys, you’ve been missing the boat. These guys hit all those markers with ease, yet still keep themselves firmly rooted in whatever present in which they find themselves and put enough of their own spin on the punk template to not sound like a tribute band. Their songs are intelligent, deftly executed and, most importantly, hellafied catchy, and this collection culled from their body of work shows they’ve been fairly consistent on all fronts over the course of their long life. This’ll get some good wear ’n’ tear on yer stereo.

 –jimmy (Captain Oi)