Guilty Pleasures: M. Christian, ed., paperback, 236 pgs. By Sean Carswell

Feb 02, 2011

I’m actually surprised that this book was sent to Razorcake for review. It’s published by an indie, though, so I figured I’d check it out. Guilty Pleasures is an anthology of erotica writers confessing about their “true” sexual lives. The stories cover most of the spectrum of fetishes and non-traditional sexual practices: from sadism to teenagers having sex in a confessional to cross dressing to homo- and bisexuality to foot fetishists to one lonely exhibitionist who masturbates in front of the window when she sees a guy walking by (not every time she sees a guy walking by. Just once or twice. But she uses a beer bottle). Some of the writers are more literary than you’d generally expect from erotica. One guy in particular writes almost just like Ernest Hemmingway (short sentences, blunt details, getting to the point more through repetition than through description), except his story is about being obsessed with fucking women in the ass. It’s kind of hard not to laugh through that story. On the whole, I wouldn’t say the stories are a turn on, and I’d imagine fans of erotica would probably be disappointed by the diversity of these stories (because surely no one is into every fetish in this book, and pretty much anyone could find something shocking and objectionable in these stories) and the literary style of most of the writers. But if you want to take a peak into other people’s bedrooms and see what kind of weird sex they’re having, this beats crawling around in your neighbors’ bushes.–Sean Carswell (Black Books, PO Box 31155, SF, CA94131)