GUILTY HEARTS: Pearls Before Swine: CD

Jul 03, 2009

Sounds like my old buddy Hermann Senac (full disclosure alert: he produced Our Band Sucks’ EP while I was still in the band and we have shared more than a few bills and beers over the past nearly twenty years) has found hisself another doozy of a band to get mixed up in. For anyone familiar with his résumé, which includes such genre bending punk outfits as Blood On The Saddle, Crowbar Salvation, Skull Control, Bea Pickles, Groovy Rednecks and others, that this latest endeavor is equally resistant to fitting into some simple pigeonhole should come as no surprise. This time ‘round he and his cohorts—Leon Catfish, Edgar Rodriguez, and Gabriel Hammond—are strip mining a melding of ‘60s slop, sludgy Scientists swampland scree, Gun Club slide-happy roots punk, and maybe even a dash of early Dream Syndicate punkedelia (compare “Seven Days” here to the Syndicate’s “Days of Wine and Roses”). The results are brooding, heavy, at times almost trance-like, always right on point and rarely nothing short of brilliant. With slack-jawed reverence I bask in the awesomeness evidenced here and can’t wait to witness these monstrous Hearts live.

 –jimmy (