GUILT TRIP: Outrageous Claims: LP

Mar 05, 2010

Holy fuh-uh-uhhhck! Absolutely ripping album! I was asleep for twenty years, it seems, since I missed out on their previous EP, but as I was shaving off my Rip Van Winkle-length beard, I had this playing in the background. By the time I put on the second side, I had more than a few cuts and scrapes from allowing this record to become the focus of my attention instead of the needed grooming job. Look, enough for a minute with all creative writing and attempts at being witty, let’s all agree there’s just a lot of “okay bands” out there. Too many, really. Then there’s a small handful of truly awesome bands out there. Guilt Trip are one of those truly awesome bands. And this is one of those albums that in five to ten years when you put it on for another listen, you’re not going to ask yourself in confusion, “Why did I buy this piece of shit?” Instead, you’re going to react to it the same way you did when you heard it the first time, “Oh, fuck yeah. This record is awesome!” Ten songs of full-on hardcore punk that hearkens back to the members’ previous bands (Tear It Up, The Rites, and Fast Times), only updated a wee bit. Solid musicianship, bleak (and great!) lyrics, and a manic vocal style. The last song, “Bitter Sweet Nothing,” goes off into Black Flag territory with a slow, sludgy tempo and words of despair. Other than that, the delivery is fast and urgent. Awesome, awesome, awesome!

 –M.Avrg (Absent)