GUILT, THE: Worth Nothing: Cassette

Jul 18, 2011

About twenty years ago, or less, really, these guys could have been on a label like Conversion or New Age. Stylistically, they sound like a straight edge hardcore band, though they don’t really sing about it. Mid-tempo, with big breakdowns, heavy drum sounds, crunchy guitars, gang choruses, and a vocalist who sounds like he’s either really pissed or emotionally overwhelmed. Urgent delivery and they hit on a lot of really good riffs that hold your attention the whole way through. Sometimes the lyrics are a little strange (check out the third verse of “The Situation,” second-to-last verse of “Your Leninism”). This is a pretty sold listen the whole way through, with songs like “Talk Hard” and “Dead Still” being the standouts.

 –M.Avrg (The Guilt, [email protected])

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