GUIDE TO BEING ALONE #1: $4, photocopied, 11” x 7”, 18 pgs.

Jan 15, 2013

From going stag to bars and clubs, to chillaxing at home, this survival guide to flying solo covers all the bases. Not just for the recently single, this should get any seasoned loner’s approval. With segments on realizing your friends suck and subsequently realizing everyone sucks, Julia ViceVersa holds your hand through what could be a daunting social exercise. As someone who enjoys the company of me, myself, and I, the material doesn’t really bring any new ideas to the table. However, for someone struggling with their newfound alone time, this ought to outline your options and boost your confidence in patronizing a café or (gasp) hitting the road by yourself. Put together in the classic cut and paste zine fashion, the graphics and old timey photos are brought to you by the creator of Guide to Dating Gangsters Vol.1. Julia has even put together a soundtrack to go along with your unaccompanied journey. What’s not to love? –Kristen K. (Vice Versa Press, 328 Clifford St., Corpus Christi, TX78404, [email protected])