GUFF: The Guff Is a Disaster EP: CDEP: The Guff Is a Disaster: CDEP

Jun 23, 2009

If you take the nice innocuous little name of this nice innocuous little pop punk band and dropped one of the “Fs” and then turned it around, you wind up with the word “Fug.” When Norman Mailer’s famous war novel The Naked and the Dead came out in the ‘40s, the publisher substituted the nonsense word “fug” for the word “fuck” – a word used frequently by the GIs in the novel. They did this so as not to risk offending any readers with a gentle constitution. In that same spirit, I think you could say that Guff is the “fug” of punk. Guff is nutlessly inoffensive. Fug Guff. May the rest of their days be spent stuck in a never-ending interview with the clod prince of banality, Carson Daley.

 –aphid (Go Kart)