To coincide with a trip across the Atlantic to play at The Fest, the U.K.’s Guerrilla Monsoon offered up a 10” featuring eight tracks—half new and half versions of older songs. All carry on in the same vein as the band’s recent split with Game Day Regulars, with an upbeat tempo providing the backbone to quite a perky set of songs. The majority of hooks are supplied by some well-placed guitar leads, whilst the vocal performances from within the band are suitably melodic although with a gruff quality. However, for me the main impetus behind these songs comes from the drums—it’s a highly technical delivery, making good use of the full kit—and, unusually, that’s what I look forward to hearing the most on each play. The closest I can come to a comparison would be The Movielife, from its Has a Gambling Problem EP era which saw the band take a poppier approach to that previously favored, and one much in line with Guerrilla Monsoon’s buoyant style.

 –Rich Cocksedge (Paper + Plastick, / Beach Community, [email protected],