GUANA BATZ: Electra Glide in Blue: CD

Sep 30, 2008

In addition to the obvious cycle reference, Electra Glide in Blue is a cult movie starring a pre-Baretta Robert Blake as a highway patrolman working the back roads or Arizona or someplace like that. As the lyrics to the title song here—easily the closest to the Cramps I think I’ve ever heard an English psychobilly band get—imply, these guys have seen the flick, which earns them some additional cool points right off the bat. The rest of this reissue (of their third? Fourth?) is a surprisingly solid bit of work that’s a more modern update of the rockabilly sound than psychobilly, which is a long-winded way of saying the Billy Fury and Buddy Holly influences are much clearer in their sound here than it would be in, say, Demented Are Go’s repertoire. All told, it’s a dang good listen, even if this type of stuff normally ain’t yer bag. 

 –jimmy (

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