GUADRON: Raw Voltage: CD

Mar 26, 2009

After approximately ten full length listens to Raw Voltage, the debut album from Guadron (aka Detroit-based artist/musician Ron Zakin), this writer is still at a loss for a proper review. “Why?” you ask. Is it that awful? No, quite the contrary. For some reason, it seems to be far easier to write a five-page essay on the ghastly performances of American Idol wannabes than to write a few lines describing the electronic intricacies that keep this album on repeat. It becomes difficult to verbalize the hyper dance beats and the constantly fluctuating tempos that make my head spin and cause me to see, for some odd reason, looped car chases when I shut my eyes. The task becomes more arduous when, upon each consecutive listen, new sounds emerge – a snip of a tribal drum here, a lick of a guitar there and are those spoons clicking in the background or am I imagining things again? After awhile, the tracks begin to fade into each other. The starts and stops of specific pieces become irrelevant and it seems clear that Raw Voltage is not a work divided into eleven parts, but one full body of electronic madness that will keep this listener dancing in her bedroom for a long time.

 –liz (Ersatz Audio)