GROVER KENT: Running Out of Ramones: CD

Mar 23, 2007

When I first saw this in the mail, my first thought was that these are the type of dudes who could play power chords and give the Ramones all handjobs simultaneously. This is still probably true, but it’s okay because all seven songs are just super fucking fun. Of course, it gives its propers to the Ramones by the second song (and album’s namesake) chock full of “sniffing glue” and well-timed handclapping. The song, “Old Man Conroy” tells the disturbing tale of an aging punk rocker who “would rather get a good night’s sleep/than sit through three more bands” and can’t wear Chucks ‘cause he hurt his feet. The pop genius of “Killing Time at the Book Depository” is my favorite song on the album, even though I was disappointed it wasn’t about assassination. And not to mention that with the median song length is less than two minutes, there is minimal boredom; it’s too catchy and fast to skip tracks.

 –bree (Self-released, [email protected])