GROINOIDS: Radiobeat Sessions: 7” EP

Jul 03, 2009

I remember gettin’ the Boston Not L.A. comp at Roadhouse Records not too long after it came out. Although I was immediately drawn to the über-hardcore of Jerry’s Kids and Gang Green, the tune that had the most lasting impact was “Angel” by the Groinoids. Why? They sounded so completely unhinged rather than just pissed off. Simple riff, singer screaming “Chef’s gonna boil,” and it sounded like he’d be just the kinda motherfucker that would crank the oven up and dance around while the unnamed chef did just that. Outside of one other tune, “Empty Skull,” that appeared on the Unsafe at Any Speed comp, I don’t think they ever released anything else and remain one of the more obscure Boston bands from the early ‘80s hardcore scene. Well, it appears someone agreed with my estimation and saw fit to release this five-track collection of tunes recorded for those vaunted compilations of yore, and sweet crispy Christus, is it good. Why on earth Modern Method, XClaim! or any of those other labels back then never saw fit to release this in its entirely back this is a fuggin’ mystery, ’cause this is a veritable hardcore masterpiece, a nice bookend to, say, the Mentally Ill’s Gacy’s Place EP, just as loud and heavy as anything SSD produced in their prime, but with an extra dose of weird to give it some pizzazz. Word is a CD is on the way, and I’m hoping they see fit to send it this way, ’cause I’m gonna wear the grooves down on this pretty goddamned quick.

 –jimmy (