GRIN AND BEAR IT: Self-titled: EP

Mar 27, 2012

This reminds me a lot of hardcore in the mid-’90s; somewhere between hardcore thrash and powerviolence. The era of bands like Hellnation, Coleman, and Nema. This stuff is fast, noisy, and chaotic! They have some mid tempo parts to hook you in, but, for the most, part it’s played at eye-blurring speeds. Though “Scared” (best song on the record!) slows it down and gets dark and brooding with a nice bass riff that pulls you in before it is eventually blown to hell and back, obliterated the crush of speed. The riff that comes in between the speedy bits of “Deserve” is great. Simple, but effective, and they pull it off smoothly. The drums are wailed on, same with guitars. It makes me wonder if they ever fuck themselves up, such as mash fingers, or slice a hand, with all the thrashing.

 –M.Avrg (Allergic To Fun,

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