GRIMM MEMES: $3.50, 5½” x 4½”, copied, 46 pgs.

Feb 01, 2016

The very idea of this zine is such bullshit that only out of a sense of duty will I elaborate on the contents therein, which are a bunch of internet “memes” (a meme has to be viral, hence Grimm Memes = not memes).Grimm Memes is the same shit you’ll see on Facebook: someone taking a picture and putting some phrase they find clever around it in a font familiar. Grimm Memes’ attempts at humor and political agitprop are so unimaginative and obvious they don’t even stand as satire, just fact. For instance, using a picture of cops in riot gear and just writing “terrorists” under it; are they going for social commentary or just labeling things for someone who’s learning English as a second language? But the content isn’t what’s offensive to me, it’s the concept. Why would someone put a bunch of dumb Facebook shit in a zine? It’s bad enough on Facebook. What has happened to zine (and underground) culture since the internet came along is bad enough, why twist the knife by taking one of the stupidest, most trite, most egocentric elements of it and printing them in a zine? What did Grimm do with their first five (free) Uber rides, use them to pick up unemployed cabbies? –Craven Rock (Grimm Memes/God Bless America Projects, PO Box 32824, Kansas City, MO 64171,